my name is André, I was born in 1982. Licensed since 2012 (old call DO7ALE), since 2014 I'm DG3AZ.

Interests related to ham radio:

  • shortwave (ssb,psk31, jt65)
  • 2m/6m
  • build/modify transceivers (building is a plan… :-))
  • build antennas
  • APRS
  • Field days


  • trains, especially one old „MAN Schienenbus“ (look at
  • mountain bike
  • electronic

Some pictures:

My home station, Kenwood TS-570D and Kenwood TM-D710, working with longwire for KW and J Pole for UKW.

My mobile station, Yaesu FT857 and Kenwood TM-D710 (yes, I have 2 ;-) ), there are 2 PL mounts outside. The main units are located in the rear trunk. As antennas there's one Diamond SG-7900 and Diamond HF-XXCL.

Left there's the TM-D710, FT857, a relais for switching with ignition or permanent, a NF-PA and a 2F condensator.

Some pics from field day or portabel:

Field day, playing with my IC-725.

I was on Helgoland, working 10m and 2m with HB9CV antenna and FT817.

I'm a coffee junkie. ;-)

Playing portabel on the balcony. :-)

SOTA activation on „Brocken“, it was very, very cold!

Working on 10m somewhere…

This was great, worked DP0GVN on 10m (as DO7ALE).


A Schlumberger 4010A, great!

This radio is from my grandfather. He was infected with the HF virus, too. ;-)

Nice Filters for my FT857.

Modification President George:
I've build a new CPU board for my President George, with an Atmega 128. Software is written in C and worked. :-)

First steps.

First light.

Yeah, soldering SMD is great!

The board was layouted with eagle, fits the board perfectly?

I've modified the buttons for better using. The „A“ left of the QRG is the VFO, there are 2 VFO's. Now I can use DF0HHH (10m Relais Rosengarten).

The orginal has 2 colors, too. ;-)

Switching to CB Mode, only for listening. Transmit is locked!

Hobbys, not HAM related:

Pictures from the „MAN Schienenbus“:

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